Delivering Better Health, Better Care at Lower Cost...


Physician-owned and established in 1995, Partners In Care Corporation is New Jersey’s oldest and most innovative independent provider network and healthcare management company. Founded as a joint venture between Saint Peter's University Hospital and its physician network, United Medical Group (UMG), our mission was to improve the delivery of healthcare in the greater New Brunswick, New Jersey area, and reduce the overall cost of care for patients, the hospital and the physicians.

In 2005, we transitioned to full physician ownership. Since then, our provider network has more than quadrupled in size and added primary care physicians, multi-specialty physicians, and other healthcare professionals spanning 14 of the 21 New Jersey counties. Currently, our network includes over 700 providers.

Our healthcare management arm, which focuses on helping public and private sector employers to decrease their healthcare costs, has also greatly increased in size and scope. We work with municipalities, school boards, counties, joint insurance funds, health insurance companies, and self-insured private employers.

We are a privately-held corporation owned by 46 individual shareholders all of whom are primary care and specialty physicians.


We are a physician-owned provider network and healthcare management company that firmly believes doctors should be in charge of the treatment plans of their patients. We believe that improving the quality and delivery of patient care is the key to lowering healthcare costs. Our healthcare system is plagued by fragmentation and a lack of coordination, which contributes significantly to rising costs for employers, employees, physicians, patients and health insurance companies.  This reality is exacerbated by the ongoing growth in chronic conditions, such as Diabetes and Heart Disease, and the aging of our population.

Recognizing this reality, we were early pioneers of Population Health Management and Care Coordination, and our programs were the first of their kind in New Jersey. These patient-centered models of care focus on creating physician-directed treatment plans for patients with chronic illnesses, improving coordination among treating physicians and leveraging health IT and patient data to deliver more targeted and effective care. These programs are proven to improve health while lowering costs.



To deliver better health, better care at a lower cost for the patients we serve

In a way that:

  • Is patient centered and physician-led, enhancing provider-patient relationship
  • Helps providers address the impact of healthcare reforms
  • Takes advantage of health IT and informatics technologies, tools and best practices
  • Leverages our growing provider network
  • Builds on our extensive experience in population health, care coordination, transition in care and disease management support