October 23, 2018

Building Direct-to-Employer Programs

by Continuum Health

The cost of healthcare has become a burden on employers. As a result, employers are looking for ways to:

  • Increase the quality and efficiency of medical services
  • Eliminate the healthcare middlemen or payers


These two goals have led employers to establish direct relationships with providers via a combination of care coordination services, bundled payment programs, and/or narrow networks.

To be successful, employers and providers need to establish resource needs, task lists, deliverables, and realistic quality and volume targets with competitive pricing. This effort requires a true partnership between the employer and provider organization.

Challenges for employers include:

  • Human Resource (HR) departments need assistance to administer and understand the value being derived from the provider organization
  • Fewer options are available to employees when, for example, a single care coordination group or a narrow network is established


It appears that more employers will soon try to eliminate the healthcare middlemen. This will lead to more direct control of medical services offered and the network available to patients. Providers should be prepared for the eventual direct consumer-driven relationships of employer organizations.

To learn more about how Partners In Care can assist you with your direct-to-employer program, please contact Michael McLafferty at 732-598-8858 or email us.

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