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We are supported by a management services organization (MSO) that delivers a broad range of benefits and services to its more than 500 medical professionals.

PIC Benefits

To be recognized and successful, a CIN must possess specific capabilities:

Practice Transformation

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Sharing, adapting and further developing comprehensive quality improvement strategies.

Network Development & Management

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Expanding a healthcare organization’s footprint with value-based partners.

Centralized Care Coordination

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Organizing patient care activities among providers to facilitate appropriate delivery of care.

Payer & Regulatory Relations

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Developing mutually beneficial value-based payment models; ensuring regulatory compliance.

Evidence-Based Guidelines

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Promoting the use of empirical data in clinical decision-making to achieve optimal outcomes.

Reporting / Analytics Engine

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Delivering performance measurement and insights to drive proactive clinical actions.

Attribution Management

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Ensuring that providers understand which patients have been assigned to them for quality of care and cost management.

Secure Messaging

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Providing an online communications platform designed to protect sensitive PHI data protected under HIPAA.

Interface Engine

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Creating an exchange to capture diverse data sets from multiple, disparate sources and applications.

Enterprise Master Patient Index

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Developing a database used across a healthcare organization to maintain accurate demographic patient data across various providers.

Disease Registry

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Managing a special database that contains information about patients diagnosed with specific types of conditions.

Point-of-Care Gap Closure

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Implementing technology or best practices that identify opportunities for achieving quality measures.

Shared Savings Management

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Tracking and enabling provider performance associated with payment incentive contract goals.

Shared Savings Distribution

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Dividing and distributing payment incentives from governmental or commercial payers to participating providers.

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