A Range of Solutions to Address the Challenges Practices Face Every Day.

Partners In Care — and its participating physician practices — are supported by a management services organization (MSO) that delivers a broad range of benefits and services to its more than 500 medical professionals. These include:



  • Additional Revenue from Medicare and commercial ACO shared savings, care collaboration fees, and increased patient scheduling
  • Group purchasing power and health plan contracting
  • Strategic alliances with health plans and other service providers
  • Your continued independent practice and ownership
  • Ability to maintain existing health plan contracts
  • Full flexibility for opting out


  • Commercial and government-sponsored value-based program expertise and support
  • Practice transformation and workflow expertise
  • Patient care coordination
  • Data analytics and quality reporting
  • Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) management and operations
  • Group purchasing opportunities
  • Practice administration support services
  • Optional technology solutions at discounted rates
  • An opportunity to access more advanced payment models as part of Consensus Health


To join, please contact us at (732) 246-0291 or email us.

Hear what our long-standing providers have to say about our network:

Provider - Pediatrics & Family Medicine Practice

Partners In Care has not only helped us to remain independent but also thrive.  We run a small and extremely busy primary care practice with a high percentage of Medicare and Medicaid patients many of whom have chronic medical and social problems.  The case management support provided by the Partners In Care clinical team has changed the way we help our patients.  It is incredible to see how Partners In Care clinicians function as an extension of our practice.  They alert us to patients in need and work with us to ensure that our patients receive the necessary interventions, follow-up and preventive care.  As a consequence, our patients are healthier, our clinical outcomes are improving, and as an added bonus, we are compensated for participating in the network’s care coordination program.  Additionally, through our participation in all of the Partners In Care contracts, including the Partners In Care ACO Medicare Shared Savings Program, our overall cost of care is no longer skyrocketing.

Like many practices, we find ourselves having to jump through more and more hoops.  Thankfully, the Partners In Care network relations and clinical teams are always willing and available to assist us.  The network relations team has resolved claims for us and is assisting us in navigating the Affordable Care Act.  They even help us to promote the New Jersey Annual Breastfeeding Conference that is organized by one of our physicians. Everyone at Partners In Care is accessible, easy to work with, and most importantly, they understand the challenges small independent practices face.

Dr. Alla Gordina & Dr. Iosif Goldman
Global Pediatrics and Family Medicine

Provider - Nephrology & Hypertension Practice

I have been a provider in the Partners In Care network for 20 years, and with the network’s assistance and support, I have been able to grow and prosper despite all of the changes and challenges in healthcare.  This network has and continues to be ahead of the curve.  As early adopters of the ACO model and the triple aim, they have allowed me to easily transition my offices into compliance with all of the new healthcare mandates.

Nearly 70% of my patients are Medicare beneficiaries so participating in the Partners In Care Medicare Shared Savings Program has been enormously valuable.The bottom line for doctors is that we cannot do it alone; we must be prepared to adapt.  In order to achieve the triple aim, most of us need help tracking the metrics and navigating the complex healthcare matrix.  Partners In Care understands the healthcare market and has the infrastructure and expertise to help us successfully navigate it.  Like anything else you get out what you put in, and I have chosen to actively engage in their programs and utilize their resources. As a result, my patients and practice have benefited tremendously.

Dr. James Matera
Nephrology-Hypertension Associates of Central Jersey, PA

Provider - Ophthalmology Practice

“I could not be happier with my decision to join the Partners In Care provider network almost 20 years ago.  It is no secret that insurance claims can be a big headache for doctors both financially and administratively.  Recently, I had substantial claims discrepancies that I was unable to resolve after months of trying. I contacted Dawn Romond, Senior Director of Network Relations for Partners In Care, to assist me, and in DAYS, Partners In Care was able to resolve the matter and secure tens of thousands of dollars for me. Dawn kept me in the loop throughout the whole process so I always knew what was happening with this issue.  This is just one example of the high level of service and type of support that being in the network affords me.

The Partners In Care professional staff are responsive, capable and they understand the challenges that smaller independent practices face.  At a time when health care is becoming more complex, the Partners In Care network makes my life easier.”

Dr. Tasneen Shamim
Ophthalmologist, Shamim Eye Care

Provider - Primary Care Practice

“I have been a part of the Partners In Care provider network for over 10 years, and joining it was one of my best business and clinical decisions. Partners In Care is physician owned so they have a unique understanding of the challenges and needs of private practice physicians.  I have a very large practice with a high percentage of underserved patients. Participating in the company’s Care Coordination program has not only assisted me in significantly improving patient outcomes, but it has also benefited my bottom line.  Additionally, while there seems to be a lot of handwringing over healthcare reform, PIC is helping me and its other providers to leverage the reforms so that our practices benefit from them.”

Dr. Julio Hip-Flores
Internist, Medical Associates of Central Jersey

Partner - Health Insurance Broker

“As an insurance broker, one of my biggest responsibilities is to ensure that my clients obtain the best and most cost-effective healthcare plans.  Over the past decade this has become increasingly difficult due to skyrocketing costs.  A few years ago my company took a different approach and made the very wise decision to partner with Partners In Care.  Working with Partners In Care, we are able to assist our clients in more effectively controlling costs by actually helping their employees to become healthier.”

Stuart Migdon
Business & Governmental Insurance Agency (BGIA)