April 19, 2018

Shared Services Model – An Option for Small Physician Practices to Transition to Value-Based Care

by Continuum Health

Shared service providers help small physician practices transition to a value-based care environment. These organizations [i.e. Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), payers and/or private health care firms] also allow physicians the option to remain independent.

Small practices can form groups or “pods” that contract with shared service organizations to share and manage resources, while still maintaining their individual practice identity. Services that are most needed by physicians include care management, practice transformation, data analytics, quality measures, cost of care metrics, payer negotiations and electronic health record maintenance.

A few shared service organizations offer not only payer negotiations, but a full menu of care management support, revenue cycle, and practice management services. CINs are becoming a favorite model for several physician organizations because of the extent of shared services offered and the ability to remain independent.

To find out more about the advantages associated with this model, please contact Michael McLafferty at (732) 598-8858 or mmclafferty@partnershealthnj.com.

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